University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria.


  1. Conducive and equipped surgical laboratory
  2. Matriculation: From Right The Registrar, VC, Governor, Wife of the Governor and Chairman Governing Council
  3. Prof OO Akinkugbe, Wife of the Governor, the Governor and Vice Chancellor
  4. Procession of Visiting Vice Chancellors
  5. Matriculating Students
  6. Procession of Principal Officers of the University



100 level courses

First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit
BIO 110General Biology I4
CHM 111General Chemistry I3
CHM 112General Practical Chemistry I1
PHY 111General Physics I3
PHY 112General Physics III2
PHY 113General Practical Physics I1
MAT 111Elementary Mathematics I3
GES 111Communication in English I2
GES 112Use of Library Study Skill and ICT2
GES 113Philosophy and Logic2

Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleUnit
BIO 120General Biology II4
CHM 121General Chemistry II3
CHM 122General Practical Chemistry II1
PHY 121General Physics II3
PHY 122General Practical Physics II1
MAT 121Elementary Mathematics II3
GES 121Communication in English II2
GES 122Nigeria People and Global Culture2
GES 123Introduction to Enterpreneurship2

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